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Sunday, April 1st, 2007
11:04 pm
i still am not sure of how he feels about me.
and no, i can't just ask.

everyone agrees that he likes me, it's obvious.
except for me.
idk, maybe i dont think he could like me, because im not gorgeous.

ughh, it's frustrating though.
he begs me to come hang out with him, and i can't yet.
i need to score a job first so that i can afford the gas trip out there, especially since my car is a gas-guzzler.
he gets disappointed when i tell him i can't.
he never lets us go longer than 3 days without some sort of conversation [[i.e: myspace message, text, phone call]]
he complains that i dont talk to him enough.
he calls me from vactions, 47 states away from me, when he's having the time of his life, he still makes time to call me.
he calls me randomly to ask my opinion about the sports game for that day, since he knows i watch.
he never ignores my calls, and i barely have to call him because he always calls me first...
he still wants to hang out with me after he's gone to school all day and then played a long baseball game.
he asks me to hang out with him seriously everday, even on friday nights.
i live like, 25 minutes away.
you'd think if he just wanted to hang out with someone, he'd call some of his guy friends [or even his friends that are girls] that live closer.
he wouldn't waste his time calling me.

idk. i do feel like he really likes me, because we have so much in common, it's like we're made for each other... but then we're not going out, so idk how he can.
everyone says that it seems like he's not sure of my feelings for him, especially since i always say no.
they say that he probably doesn't understand why i can't make an exception to see him.
they say that he probably just thinks that im avoiding him on purpose, and that's why he's never asked me to be his gf.

i wish i knew how he felt.
[[im still not asking.]]

Current Mood: curious
Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
9:14 pm
hey all,

my name is ian. I'm 21. I just ended a 5 year relationship with my girl (not my choice). If you need relationship advice let me know. I'm pretty good at judging guys and what there intentions are. Same for girls. Im a really good judge of character if u tell me a lil about someone. You all can friend me/ im me if im ever on.
Monday, December 12th, 2005
8:18 pm
"We've pretended for some time now that you're a part of this family, haven't we? You've come to mean so much to us all that now, it doesn't matter if it's true. And even if it isn't true, even if that can never be... I need to go on pretending..." -Finding Neverland

It's so easy to believe it's real, even if it's not.

I feel as if I've spent the past few months in a dream, and I fear waking more than ever now.
Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
9:04 am
ok my bf got kicked out of his house and had to sleep in my car last night b/c my parents are heartless and wouldn't let him sleep on the couch, and im afraid he'll have to sleep in my car agian 2nite i feel awful about this but he has no were else to go my gma came this morning and gave him food money and another blanket so he'll be fine i guess but what am i supposed to do with him it will be winter soon and what if he can't get back into his house? i am so scared last night i had a dream that there was this place for kids who got kicked out is there really a place like that? please help i need some advice
Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
4:40 pm
Alright, so I've got a bit of an issue here.

Basically, I've become really attracted to this guy I work with, he's a friend of Robby's. I've even started having dreams about this guy.
Now I love Robby, and nothing would ever make me stray from him, but I feel just so completely crappy that I've become attracted to this guy. And it's not like I can avoid him, cause I work with him(Plus, we have a lot in common and have become friends as well).
I know I can't control who I'm attracted too, and I'd NEVER cheat on Robby. I just feel bad.

My question though, should I tell Robby about it? I feel bad...
And if this has happened to you at all, how did you handle it? I can't just stop being attracted to him, I know this much, and I work with him every day, and I'd rather not stop being friends with him. It's a confusing and weird situation for me, and I probably sound really naive to all of you, but this is the first time I've had to deal with this sort of thing in the three years I've been with Robby.

x-posted in a lot of places, sorry if you've read it somewhere else.
Monday, August 29th, 2005
12:17 pm
ok i lost the love of my life and i don't know what to do, he is with this girl i won't name her and i think he is playing with my mind he tells me he does still love me and he wants to be with me but he just wants to see if this new relationship will last. and some days he says he wants to come back to me and he don't think they will last and then like the next day he is like well everythings ok she is really sweet and i just don't know what to do the days he says he wants to be with me is the days i say im letting him go and the days he says otherwise is the ones where i give in and say ill wait is he playing games with me or not i don't know should i move on?
please help me

Current Mood: confused
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
12:22 pm
hmm..well there was this boy ryan that i wrote aout in here before..and i'm like in love with him..well he came to a 4th of july party with me& we made out and shit, but he didn't like mee..and like a week an a half later he goes out with my cousin, yeaa. what should i do??!?!
Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
1:12 pm
Hard decisions....
Needing a little advice/support from you ladies out there...
Read more...Collapse )

Do you think I'm making the right decision?
Any help here is much appreciated.
Sunday, June 19th, 2005
7:29 pm
oh well.. what's new...
remember me? i've been away for some time now.. coz my ex returned home last month... oh god.. he called me up when he had returned.. he asked me out. i asked him if it was ok with his girlfriend.. he said he thinks so coz nothing's wrong with just hanging out with each other. so yeah, we started seeing each other again... and my feelings for him resurfaced... so we started telling each other how we felt.. he said he still loves me. and he's not happy with his situation (since he's already engaged!!). and so i thought eventually i'd have him back.. then a few weeks later, he became cold towards me again... i asked him why, and he said he doesn't believe that he was the only boyfriend i had.. he thinks i cheated (there he goes again!!!), and that i couldn't fool him... now i'm keeping my distance... i'm so stupid... you think a girl would learn!!! it hurts so much that i just keep crying.... what am i supposed to do... why do i love someone who is so cruel to me.. why is it that i couldn't move on.. what's wrong with me....
Friday, May 27th, 2005
9:03 pm
He's the only one for me...
hey. i joined not too long ago, but never really updated until now. sorry, it's just i didn't know what to say. so here goes...

i am so confused. he does so many things to suggest he still likes me... so why not go for it? i'm sure he knows i like him too. to me, it's obvious. but my friend told me that everyone thinks i am way past over it because i never look at him. i was absolutely shocked to hear that, because it seems everywhere i look, there he is. but doesn't staring at someone in like, a dreamy / loving way suggest that you still have feelings for them? and the feelings we had... they don't just go away because you break up. those are the kind of feelings that'll last forever. and i know he had them, i know it.

so i don't get it. staring at someone, keeping all the things they gave you for so long after the relationship is done (things like drawings i drew just for him, my old notes, my clothes), not being able to be friends because it's too awkward... how can he deny liking me still? it's just so obvious he does. and i know i'm not crazy, because other people see it too. and the other day when someone asked him if he still liked me, he said "i don't know". i'm taking that as a yes, because that person also asked him if he still liked his ex (she dated him for like, a month.. way after he and i split) and he flat out said no.

some boys are so wishy-washy about their feelings, it irritates me. and they call us confusing! LOL.

i need help. i miss him so much more now than i did when we first split! how does that work out?! :( i need some advice, and friends in this community (besides you, mel! :) )

<3 caitlin

Current Mood: confused
Thursday, May 26th, 2005
12:01 am
- Soa.. haha. Well me being stupid, i thought i would talk to Josh, and tell him that i didnt even wanna be frineds. So i IMed him, and i started off being nice, and he was an ass. So i started being mean back. He got all pissed, and said all this stuff. I was over here jest laughing at him. He was telling me that he wasnt ganna let me play games with him any more, and that i dont deserve him. To funny. Hahah.. but the funniest part is everything he said to me, is something that i always wanted to say to him. But i dont even care. After reading what everyone said to me, i felt so good. I felt like you guys understand me, and i loveee it..

Thank you so much..

But i gotta go.. School tomarrow :o/
Monday, May 23rd, 2005
9:06 am
the reason(s)
1) he wanted to give me my space, and he needed sometime
2) he said i was to innocent...hahaha...yeah
3) he came up to me and asked if i was mad at him 'what the hell did he think, that we were gonna be best friends or something' i didn't answer he told me that he was sorry and started to explain
ok we live like less than an hour away from mexico, his cousins, friends and him decided to go party over there (he asked me if he could go, i should have said no) he was tired so he was takin off, got out of the club and that was when a group of guys came up to him..one of them asked him if he was so-and-so's grandson, he said yeah so what...he said that all the guys looked at each other and started surrounding him.. he got scared so he reached into his pocket (he has a knife), he asked what the fuck they wanted and pulled the knife on them the guys reacted by taking there GUNS out 'guns fucken guns, what the fuck did i get myself into' right at that time his cousins and friends came running out and pulled there guns out...the "mean guys" took off. he later found out that year earlier his grandfather(druglord, i guess) slid one of there relatives throat and they were out for revenge...by killing him they would get it. now he's all paranoid 'he should be' thinkin that theyr gonna hurt his family and thats the last reason for breaking up with me

Current Mood: yeah
Thursday, May 19th, 2005
8:50 pm
Hey ladies, I'm a new member and I just thought I'd introduce myself.=) I'm your guys' beautiful MOD's cousin; I'm 16, my name is Chelsea, annnd..I have a wonderful boyfriend named Michael.=)

I'm usually a little bit alright at giving advice, so yep, I just thought I might join! xO

1:47 pm
i realized something
after reading my_bumblebee's post, i realized that guys who say "i love you" so quickly and promise girls stuff are the ones who are able to break up with their girlfriends quite easily. i don't know, i'm not saying it's a fact and that it applies to all guys, but that's just what i've noticed. when he says "i love you" so quickly, it's like your relationship could end soon also. is it an omen or something? lol, that thought made me laugh. but what do you guys think?
Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
11:45 pm
as if my life wasn't depressing enough...
he just broke up with me
he did, he called me not even
10 minutes ago..askin me why
i never answered my messages.
he told me i was gonna be pissed
but that he was gonna do something
and he didn't want to hurt me...
i asked him what?
he said that he was breaking up with me
i was shocked, am shocked
i asked him why?
why would he break up with me
he had his reason
but he had no intetion in tellin me
he didn't want to tell me..
thats the least i deserve
i trusted him..he told me that
he'd never break up with me..
but look at him, look at what he did
he should see me now
all pathetic trying to hold back the
did i really deserve it..really?
am i that bad of a person?..
i never should of trusted him
i shouldn't have..
he asked if we'd still be friends
but i still pleaded wanting to know what
his motive for breakin up with me was.
all he said was that if we were still
gonna be friends but with that i hung up
the phone...idk whats happening
i still dont know what happened..
ahhh..i hate my life

Current Mood: i hate him
Monday, May 16th, 2005
7:04 am
This isn't really an advice post, I'm just currently in the "OhmygodIjustmetsomeonegreatandneedtotelltheworldNOW" stage!
Of all places, I met this guy at a club... which I guess is the logical place you would meet various young hot males, but in most cases they don't seem to be the kind of guys that would hold my interest for more than a few hours at best. This one was quite different, after my friends constant attempts to make me hook up with various random guys throughout the night :anger: I stumbled across this guy all by myself. I noticed him looking over at me while I was dancing, then he gave me this huge gorgeous smile, so I flashed a smile back and kept on dancing. Then about 10 minutes later, after a lot more watching and smiling he makes his way over to me through the crowded dance floor and tells me how gorgeous I am, that I'm the best dancer he's ever seen! So we start talking... well rather yelling to each other over the music, then that progresses to dancing, and from there to kissing. AHHH He was so hot, perfect height, perfect build (slightly above average in a toned\muscular way: the kind of build that makes you feel so secure when being held :D )
I can't believe I'm so smitten over a club guy, I'm reknown amongst my friends for having zero attachment to guys I might hook up with at clubs. Anyway we exchanged numbers and I'll hopefully see him on the weekend! WOO! So excited!

So since I've made a post that doesn't really require any advice, use the commenting space to talk about whatever guy is currently making you smitten etc :D

Update on the work fella situation: I currently can't be bothered with that, I'm about 95% sure he DOES have a girlfriend, and he's actively avoiding mentioning it, who needs that!

Current Mood: ecstatic
Thursday, May 12th, 2005
12:25 am
my text message convo. with him....
me(12:00 a.m.): r u busy?
him (10:54 a.m.): i was asleep
me (12:22 p.m.): i guess...so whats going on?
him (12:22): nothin just goin to work at 3
me (12:25): why so early? what r u doin?
him (12:31): that is the time i was put to come in. i'm just playin games. what r u doin.
me (12:38):sad, listenin to music.

i start to get tears in my eyes. 'how can he be so calm'

him (12:39): "sad" y is that sad
me (12:44)nah i'm sad...i guess its the music...i was listening to it last night and it made me cry...i'm so gay

i start crying even more. 'what the hell is wrong with me'

him(12:46) why were u crying
me (12:49) i dont know...depressed i guess
him (12:50) about what?
me(12:53) life...what game r u playin?
him(12:55): The punisher.what about life
me (12:59): there's a punisher game?
him (12:59): yes and what about life?
me(1:02):just thinking of how much life sux.
him (1:06): what do u mean life sux?
me (1:08): nothin. who works with u 2day?
him (1:08):what do u mean life sux?

he called me seconds later but i didn't answer cuz i was crying alot
i send him a message 1 minute later

me:don't call me. get ready for work.

he never called or messaged me back, i saw him at work but i didn't get the courage to look at his face...i just walked away...

Current Mood: crushed
Tuesday, May 10th, 2005
9:12 am
should i break up with him
he told me he loved me...the second day of going out
he always wanted to be with me...up until 1 week ago
he's always into his games...all the time (gamefreak)
he leaves the city...without tellin me
he gets mad at me...when i think his idea's r stupid
he asks me to spend the night...i would, but just to sleep
he ignores me...when he is with his friends
he gets angry...when i talk to guys
he makes my decisions...about work
he takes pictures of me...i hate pic.
he gets quiet...every now and then
he hasn't called me...since sunday morning
he doesn't try being with me... 1 week and counting


he's the only one that loves me... =)
he makes me feel wanted...aww
i like when he pulls me close to him...makes me melt
i like his funny and hyper attitude...he's a clown
i like when he kisses me...wow
i feel proud when he tells his friends...i'm his g/f
i love his little brother...oh so cute
i like it when he gets jealous..haha
i like it when he catches me off guard...makes me nervous
he gives me space...sometimes
i love his hair...it's long
he makes his own shirts...impressive
he's down to earth...great!!

there u have it...what do i do?

Current Mood: confused
Monday, May 9th, 2005
12:10 am
That crazy feeling
There's a guy I really want, but there are a few complications. He seems interested, but I've heard he has a girlfriend. I've never actually asked him if he has a girlfriend, I'm somewhat intentionally avoiding it.. in a way I suppose if I know for sure he does then I might feel bad if anything were to happen.

I get the feeling he's interested, he invited me out to see his band when they next play, the first time I spoke to him (although nothing has been mentioned since - a month ago)
He goes out of his way to talk to me.. and fires a million questions at me at once! A few times when we've spoken he'll mention the tiniest of details that we might have spoken about weeks earlier. It's difficult to convey the vibes someone is sending in words.. but the smiles, the eye contact. SWOON!

So the problem is things are moving so slowly, I don't know whether he has a girlfriend (the guy that told me he did, was a guy that was trying to get with me at the time) and I'm not even sure if I want to know. I'm not sure whether anyone is evil enough to relate.. but I just want this so much. It's really quite rare for me to find someone I like.. someone I feel attracted to beyond a few hours, especially this much.
I know him through work, so that halts things somewhat. I see him if I'm lucky enough to bump into him during a shift, so that makes the pace of things more difficult.

I don't even know what advice I'm expecting! I guess just similar situations, how to get things moving quickly, what you would do in the same situation?

Thanks all
Sunday, May 8th, 2005
10:43 am
a dream...
hi there... remember me? i was the one who had the problem with my ex-boyfriend accusing me of being a liar and a cheater. well anyway, just when i thought i was starting to get over him, i had a dream lastnight. since he's abroad, he wasn't included in my dream. ok it goes like this. i was at Rockwell (a very nice commercial center here in the philippines)just passing the time. sudddenly, i saw my ex's mom! apparently, his whole family was there because it was his little sister's birthday party. his mom saw me and smiled. we talked for a few minutes, and she was asking me if it was all true that we had broken up. i said yes. then after a while, his older sister came up to me and we laughed and talked. i was surprised because what i knew was all his sisters were mad at me (ofcourse, because he would've told them the same story. that i was a liar). then when it was time for the party to officially start, the doors of the restaurant swung open and revealed my ex's other sister. with a smile, she turned to look at who was laughing, and when she saw me, her smile immediately turned into a frown. (coz in real life, she's the one sister i knew who was really mad at me) then i just let her be. after a few minutes, her older sister (the one i laughed and talked with) came out and yelled at me, saying "i don't wanna talk to you anymore! cecilia here told me what you've done to my brother!!" and i was so clueless!! she then continued "what else could you have done? you've CHEATED!!" there, my dream ended.. i immediately woke up with a searing pain in my heart.... it hurt so bad.. though it was only a dream.... now you must realize how much pain i've went through. they still haunt me in my dreams... :'(
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