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moon unit

That crazy feeling

There's a guy I really want, but there are a few complications. He seems interested, but I've heard he has a girlfriend. I've never actually asked him if he has a girlfriend, I'm somewhat intentionally avoiding it.. in a way I suppose if I know for sure he does then I might feel bad if anything were to happen.

I get the feeling he's interested, he invited me out to see his band when they next play, the first time I spoke to him (although nothing has been mentioned since - a month ago)
He goes out of his way to talk to me.. and fires a million questions at me at once! A few times when we've spoken he'll mention the tiniest of details that we might have spoken about weeks earlier. It's difficult to convey the vibes someone is sending in words.. but the smiles, the eye contact. SWOON!

So the problem is things are moving so slowly, I don't know whether he has a girlfriend (the guy that told me he did, was a guy that was trying to get with me at the time) and I'm not even sure if I want to know. I'm not sure whether anyone is evil enough to relate.. but I just want this so much. It's really quite rare for me to find someone I like.. someone I feel attracted to beyond a few hours, especially this much.
I know him through work, so that halts things somewhat. I see him if I'm lucky enough to bump into him during a shift, so that makes the pace of things more difficult.

I don't even know what advice I'm expecting! I guess just similar situations, how to get things moving quickly, what you would do in the same situation?

Thanks all
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