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my text message convo. with him....

me(12:00 a.m.): r u busy?
him (10:54 a.m.): i was asleep
me (12:22 p.m.): i whats going on?
him (12:22): nothin just goin to work at 3
me (12:25): why so early? what r u doin?
him (12:31): that is the time i was put to come in. i'm just playin games. what r u doin.
me (12:38):sad, listenin to music.

i start to get tears in my eyes. 'how can he be so calm'

him (12:39): "sad" y is that sad
me (12:44)nah i'm sad...i guess its the music...i was listening to it last night and it made me cry...i'm so gay

i start crying even more. 'what the hell is wrong with me'

him(12:46) why were u crying
me (12:49) i dont know...depressed i guess
him (12:50) about what?
me(12:53) life...what game r u playin?
him(12:55): The punisher.what about life
me (12:59): there's a punisher game?
him (12:59): yes and what about life?
me(1:02):just thinking of how much life sux.
him (1:06): what do u mean life sux?
me (1:08): nothin. who works with u 2day?
him (1:08):what do u mean life sux?

he called me seconds later but i didn't answer cuz i was crying alot
i send him a message 1 minute later

me:don't call me. get ready for work.

he never called or messaged me back, i saw him at work but i didn't get the courage to look at his face...i just walked away...
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