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This isn't really an advice post, I'm just currently in the "OhmygodIjustmetsomeonegreatandneedtotelltheworldNOW" stage!
Of all places, I met this guy at a club... which I guess is the logical place you would meet various young hot males, but in most cases they don't seem to be the kind of guys that would hold my interest for more than a few hours at best. This one was quite different, after my friends constant attempts to make me hook up with various random guys throughout the night :anger: I stumbled across this guy all by myself. I noticed him looking over at me while I was dancing, then he gave me this huge gorgeous smile, so I flashed a smile back and kept on dancing. Then about 10 minutes later, after a lot more watching and smiling he makes his way over to me through the crowded dance floor and tells me how gorgeous I am, that I'm the best dancer he's ever seen! So we start talking... well rather yelling to each other over the music, then that progresses to dancing, and from there to kissing. AHHH He was so hot, perfect height, perfect build (slightly above average in a toned\muscular way: the kind of build that makes you feel so secure when being held :D )
I can't believe I'm so smitten over a club guy, I'm reknown amongst my friends for having zero attachment to guys I might hook up with at clubs. Anyway we exchanged numbers and I'll hopefully see him on the weekend! WOO! So excited!

So since I've made a post that doesn't really require any advice, use the commenting space to talk about whatever guy is currently making you smitten etc :D

Update on the work fella situation: I currently can't be bothered with that, I'm about 95% sure he DOES have a girlfriend, and he's actively avoiding mentioning it, who needs that!
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