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the reason(s)

1) he wanted to give me my space, and he needed sometime
2) he said i was to innocent...hahaha...yeah
3) he came up to me and asked if i was mad at him 'what the hell did he think, that we were gonna be best friends or something' i didn't answer he told me that he was sorry and started to explain
ok we live like less than an hour away from mexico, his cousins, friends and him decided to go party over there (he asked me if he could go, i should have said no) he was tired so he was takin off, got out of the club and that was when a group of guys came up to of them asked him if he was so-and-so's grandson, he said yeah so what...he said that all the guys looked at each other and started surrounding him.. he got scared so he reached into his pocket (he has a knife), he asked what the fuck they wanted and pulled the knife on them the guys reacted by taking there GUNS out 'guns fucken guns, what the fuck did i get myself into' right at that time his cousins and friends came running out and pulled there guns out...the "mean guys" took off. he later found out that year earlier his grandfather(druglord, i guess) slid one of there relatives throat and they were out for killing him they would get it. now he's all paranoid 'he should be' thinkin that theyr gonna hurt his family and thats the last reason for breaking up with me
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