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He's the only one for me...

hey. i joined not too long ago, but never really updated until now. sorry, it's just i didn't know what to say. so here goes...

i am so confused. he does so many things to suggest he still likes me... so why not go for it? i'm sure he knows i like him too. to me, it's obvious. but my friend told me that everyone thinks i am way past over it because i never look at him. i was absolutely shocked to hear that, because it seems everywhere i look, there he is. but doesn't staring at someone in like, a dreamy / loving way suggest that you still have feelings for them? and the feelings we had... they don't just go away because you break up. those are the kind of feelings that'll last forever. and i know he had them, i know it.

so i don't get it. staring at someone, keeping all the things they gave you for so long after the relationship is done (things like drawings i drew just for him, my old notes, my clothes), not being able to be friends because it's too awkward... how can he deny liking me still? it's just so obvious he does. and i know i'm not crazy, because other people see it too. and the other day when someone asked him if he still liked me, he said "i don't know". i'm taking that as a yes, because that person also asked him if he still liked his ex (she dated him for like, a month.. way after he and i split) and he flat out said no.

some boys are so wishy-washy about their feelings, it irritates me. and they call us confusing! LOL.

i need help. i miss him so much more now than i did when we first split! how does that work out?! :( i need some advice, and friends in this community (besides you, mel! :) )

<3 caitlin
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