you are the life to my soul. (overdrive_) wrote in advice4love,
you are the life to my soul.

oh well.. what's new...

remember me? i've been away for some time now.. coz my ex returned home last month... oh god.. he called me up when he had returned.. he asked me out. i asked him if it was ok with his girlfriend.. he said he thinks so coz nothing's wrong with just hanging out with each other. so yeah, we started seeing each other again... and my feelings for him resurfaced... so we started telling each other how we felt.. he said he still loves me. and he's not happy with his situation (since he's already engaged!!). and so i thought eventually i'd have him back.. then a few weeks later, he became cold towards me again... i asked him why, and he said he doesn't believe that he was the only boyfriend i had.. he thinks i cheated (there he goes again!!!), and that i couldn't fool him... now i'm keeping my distance... i'm so stupid... you think a girl would learn!!! it hurts so much that i just keep crying.... what am i supposed to do... why do i love someone who is so cruel to me.. why is it that i couldn't move on.. what's wrong with me....
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